Heart of the City Mission Foundation, Inc. was formed in 2010 to serve as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 umbrella corporation for several existing, stand alone, non incorporated, inner-city programs.  Collectively, these programs serve the inner-city families of Fort Wayne, Indiana with a focus on providing life skills, mentoring and education for financially disadvantaged children and youth.

The ultimate goal of the Foundation is to break the cycle of generational poverty.  To accomplish this, we believe it is of highest priority that young people are simultaneously developed in two areas:  First, young people must be encouraged to exceed educational proficiency standards for their age group with the intention of attending a college or university.  Secondly, we believe they must be mentored into developing life skills and the so-called “moral compass.”  This two-pronged effort requires long-term commitments from volunteers and the ability to bring every resource available into the process; some success stories have been in the making for 10 years.

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